My Top 5 Personal Finance/Investing Books

Best Books on Investing/Personal Finance Conclusion

This list of the 5 Best Books on Investing/Personal Finance books will give you a solid investment foundation. Each book has its own unique flavor. So find the book that suits you best. I will guarantee you that after reading one of these books, you will invest with confidence.

Finally, some advice about what NOT to read. Avoid all books about penny stocks, day trading, swing trading, and forex (foreign exchange) trading. Once you have a good understanding of investing — read whatever you want.

Educate yourself before risking your money. Only invest what you can lose and make investments that you understand.

Investing can be a thrilling experience filled with uncertainties. Good knowledge is one of the most important things needed to succeed as an investor. Thankfully, there are several books available to enlighten you.


  1. Awesome site! Rich Dad Poor Dad are words that I preach everyday to people. I’m currently learning better ways to explain myself and the book to seem less aggressive..

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