Getting Started with Passive Income

Passive income is income received that is received on a regular basis and requires little effort to maintain.

Pretty much it’s income received on a recurring basis that you don’t actively work to keep up with. From my experience and many others before me it normally takes a large amount of money up front to invest or a lot of time and effort to create. Once you have those payments coming month after month you will be addicted to creating more passive income streams.

While there are many ways to build passive income, I focus in on ways I actively use or plan on using in the future. Real estate and dividend income are the majority of my passive stream. Some other ways include selling books, music, annuities, CDs, Bonds, creating apps, renting space, selling programs, investing in businesses, P2P lending and the list goes on and on. Some forms are better than others and I hope to help you learn some of those ins and outs.

Checkout my blog to learn more and my About page to hear about my background. I post each week to keep you updated and keep us learning!